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DE & P Technical Services LLC
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DE&P Technical Services Gallery - Examples of our product line
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Styrofoam-Rx: Styrofoam (also known as polystyrene) peanuts exposed to our proprietary solvent (in measuring cylinder; Top Left panel). The Styrofoam dissolved in less than 10 seconds, leaving an inert solvent residual (Top Right panel). Both onsite and off-site Styrofoam-Rx service provided. Give us a call to discuss your project needs.
A laminated Corrosion-Rx guide based on measured corrosion rates (mpy or mm/yr). Rates based on current measurement (mA/cm2 or mass loss in g/m2/day) can be converted to mpy or mm/yr. Materials represented on the card (top left panel; not displayed in this order) include aluminum, mild steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, ductile iron, copper, cast iron, concrete, Corrosion rates (based on color coding) drive decisions of excellent, good, fair, poor, or unacceptable pipe/material condition; providing guidance on when to replace them before disaster strikes.
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MPN Calculator
Negatives at high volume:
Actual high volume:
Negatives at serial lower volume:
Actual serial lower volume:
Total of ALL positives at high AND lower serial volume:
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