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DE & P Technical Services LLC
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We offer a wide range of services including :

*Lead service lines replacement with copper pipe in residential and commercial areas using dig and/or no-dig (i.e., trenchless) technology.

*Certified to conduct lead safe maintenance (renovation, repair and painting) of residential and commercial buildings.

*Styrofoam-Rx (Remediation of Styrofoam (polystyrene) packaging material using StyroZapper)

*Manufacture sustainable grocery packaging material such as beef/chicken packaging trays in place of Styrofoam (#BeyondStyrofoam). 

*Biofilter/Biofouling monitoring (see demo to the right).

*Legionella detection in water and other environmental matrices under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Environmental Legionella Isolation Techniques Evaluation (ELITE) program (

*Manufacture and sell Legionella BCYE Growth Supplement (i.e., L-Cysteine and Ferric pyrophosphate). Pack of 5 vials Cysteine (Part A) and 5 vials of Ferric pyrophoshate (Part B) for $66.20. Each vial of Part A and Part B enough for 500 mL BCYE agar and other lab media (See Products page;

In situ cooling tower disinfection using proprietary ElectrocatridgeTM based on the researched concept of electrolysis 
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Widely used styrofoam grocery chicken/meat tray (yellow) side-by-side with our sustainable tray (white) under our #BeyondStyrofoam campaign (contact us for details)